Take a giant leap to a full, safe, modern cycle network by 2018!

Between now and March 29, there is a narrow window of opportunity to take a giant leap forward to making Victoria a truly safe, bikeable City by 2018.

Join us for a ride to City Hall on Monday, March 23 to celebrate cycling improvements as a 2015 budget priority. Meet at 5:30pm at Fernwood Square! We’ll ride down to City Hall for the 7:00pm Budget Town Hall meeting.

Why the urgency? Because one of the most progressive Council’s in the City’s history is getting ready to finalise their four-year strategic plan and decide how to allocate this year’s $4.5 million budget surplus. Council’s draft strategic plan proposes ‘a multimodal and active transportation network’ by 2018. From now until March 29, the city’s Mayor and Council want to know how much of a priority this is for Victorians.

Tell them that active transportation is important to you:

(1) Send a message to Victoria City Council at councillors@victoria.ca.
Tell them your personal reason for wanting a full, safe, modern cycling network by 2018 that will allow people of all ages and abilities to feel safe riding their bike just about everywhere in the city. Ask them to commit most of the $4.5 million surplus to take a giant step forward toward making this vision happen now!

(2) Take the City Hall Survey at this link and tell Council that active transportation is a spending top priority for you.

(3) Attend the Monday, March 23, 7:00pm Victoria 4-Year Strategic Plan, Interactive Town Hall meeting at City Hall . Let staff and Council know that a full and safe cycling network by 2018 is a priority for you.

(4) Visit and share this campaign’s Facebook page.

(5) Tell your friends about this campaign and encourage them to write to Council too. If you don’t live in Victoria, be sure to speak with a friend who does.

Victoria’s Councilors and Mayor need to know that this community wants a full, safe, and modern biking network by 2018. A full, safe and modern biking network means that people of all ages and all abilities can bike safely to and from downtown Victoria,  around all of the city’s neighbourhoods and all major destinations in the City.

47 thoughts on “Take a giant leap to a full, safe, modern cycle network by 2018!

  1. Hello,
    Cycle safety is a huge concern in Victoria, cyclists need more protection out there on the roads. I have put together a 5 minute Cycling Safety Survey that I hope to use as an education tool to raise safety awareness to non-cyclists. I hope the results can also be used to increase pressure on councils and state government funding for more cycling safety initiatives.

    I would appreciate very much if you could complete and help circulate the survey through your cycling network.

    Here is the link:


  2. Cycling in Victoria makes sense. The climate, the topography and the proximity to amenities makes it the perfect city to navigate by bicycle. Such a healthy, clean and efficient mode of transportation. With so many unique neighborhoods in Victoria the bicycle is the perfect way to explore. If you are interested in mellow social rides come and join our Bike Rides Society – Victoria FaceBook group: https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/BikeRidesSociety.Victoria/ Come ride with us!

  3. I would love to see more marked bike lanes, separated bike lanes, signs at stops reminding drivers to watch for cyclists at intersections (like Maui), more bike friendly routes like in Vanocuver and not necessarily taking a lane of the busiest road. I am happy to take the calm side streets. I would like education in the media for drivers to understand how to navigate around bike lanes that are merely painted lines because buses and cars simply ignore them (eg Pandora as you head downtown). I would like a culture of mutual calm, cooperation and respect between motorists and cyclists. I also understand the frustration with racing groups on the Goose and Lochside trail and feel they need to get off those trails unless they slow down and give families and walkers a safe distance. I would all cyclists to become more aware and respectful of each other by calling out ” on your left” or ringing a bell which is mandatory in Vancouver. I would love some car free day (hours even) events on select roads. I would love a pedestrian mall feel downtown along Government for the summer months. I would love for Victoria (that is Greater Victoria) to become a world wide cycling destination. I would love for the city to adopt a “give 3 feet rule” when passing so that I feel safe everywhere and realistically before we can make all the structural changes. Change minds and attitudes before you change the physical. Cycling places I wish we could emulate: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Maui, Paris. Please lead the way Victoria.

  4. Cycling is many wonderful things to those who already embrace this lifestyle, myself and family included!

    If we can change the minds of those who think “I can’t bike” or “I won’t bike” with desirable cycling and pedestrian infrastructure, the City of Victoria will reap the rewards of happier, healthier, more relaxed citizens and visitors for years to come.
    Who wouldn’t want to come and visit this fine destination that could rank among the worlds top multimodal examples?

  5. I moved back to Victoria last year after living in Vancouver for many years. At first I was in love with riding around Victoria – the size is perfect, no significant hills to climb and a beach is never more than 15 minutes away – but I quickly noticed that it’s more difficult to negotiate and navigate on a bike in Victoria than it is in Vancouver! There are far fewer bike lanes, vehicle traffic is not as aware of cyclists, bike lanes often drop off or are non-existent and there is a lot of uncertainty around where bikes should be. I’ve seen this result in conflict between cyclists and drivers and a lot of confusion in traffic in general. With a little more thoughtful planning, Victoria could be the best biking city in Canada – and it SHOULD be!

  6. I like biking around town, but I often feel I can’t because some routes are not very safe within the traffic settings. I’d love to see the safety increased so that biking was a more usable option for me.

  7. I want to see better cycling infrastructure (and abolishment of the helmet law – I am pro choice!) because I want to cycle everywhere and not just on the goose or one or two streets that are somewhat safe for cycling. Anyone who has lived or cycled in Amsterdam knows how it feels to be free and safe on a bicycle. I believe it makes everybody else around the city happier.
    I don’t want to offend anyone but the reflective clothing need to go. I understand that with the current cycling infrastructure it feels like it almost necessary but can anyone honestly say that this is the preferable choice of clothing? Wouldn’t you just want to hop on your bike in your everyday clothes. The message to other people around who are thinking about cycling is much more positive and encourageable. I hope that when there will be safer cycling infrastructure this will change the way people think they have to dress.

  8. In Copenhagen and Belgium, people receive about 0.25 euro per km pedalled to work.
    Since Canadians taking the bus to work get a tax deduction, it is high time that Canadian cyclists also get benefits for not polluting the air and not exhausting the health budget of the government by staying healthy.

    We also need to progressively reduce the space allocated to car parking in Victoria and reclaim it for parks, as is done is Copenhagen.

  9. I bike in this city everyday. The roads good, but the motorists that use them are dangerous! This could be the best cycling city. Start building bike only protected laneways and taxing car owners who want to drive in this city.

  10. It’s a built in exercise routine! And exercise improves your mood. Therefore, I am hypothesizing that Victoria would be happier if we had better cycling facilities!

  11. Victoria is now a silver standard bicycling City and has great potential to break through to gold and then to platinum by increasing the number of cyclists commuting and recreating. The entire City and region needs to get behind the initiative to improve the infrastructure, information and promote Victoria as an eco-tourism destination. It’s a natural and there is a lot already completed.

  12. I feel we are moving in the right direction – though sowly – and that works for the CRD …… we need to support more routes for cyclying to reduce our dependence on CARBON BASED resources and reduce stress and improve healthly activity.

  13. I would like to feel safer when biking with my two small children. Victoria would benefit with more/wider bike lanes that don’t end abruptly with no options of where to go next. How about a car-free street downtown and more traffic calming on residential streets.

  14. To the Council of the City of Victoria (and all Greater Victoria Municipal Councils)

    Please take advantage of the opportunity we have now to make this city (region) safer and more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. We are still “small” enough to implement some changes that will benefit the present and next couple of generations of citizens. Spend big now for huge future rewards that all the people of this city deserve.

  15. Victoria is so well situated to be a great cycling city. Let’s keep moving forward to make it safer and saner for cyclists …. for those of us who are avid, and for those who will be invited to become avid. It’s my tax money well spent!

  16. Important to let local businesses know when you are using bike racks and other bike infrastructure they have installed. There is a common impression by some businesses that on-street car parking is paramount and is often used to argue against expanding transit and active transportation infrastructure. Make sure they know why or why not cyclists are supporting them!

  17. Biking and walking are important for personal health, environmental health, social and community health, spiritual health. Do I need to go on??

  18. Better cycling facilities will encourage more cycling. More cycling will reduce motor vehicle use. Less motor vehicles use means significantly less street maintenance and repair, which eventually means better use of lower taxes.

  19. Thank you for considering infrastructure improvements it would be greatly appreciated. Problem spots for me are Vancouver Street and the Downtown Core. I would like to visit these areas more often but find it difficult to safely navigate.

  20. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for trying to make Victoria better! There is always room for improvement everywhere but please do not forget how wonderful we already are. Here in Victoria many automobile drivers also ride bikes in their free time so it can be easier to work together. If there was an area that could be improved I would look at Vancouver and View Street, many people use these routes and they are both very dangerous. In some instances dedicated streets may need to be implemented for cars or bikes through overly congested areas.

  21. Let’s make Vancouver St and View St real north-south, east-west bike thoroughfares to make downtown easily and safely accessible on traffic-tamed streets!

  22. Commuting by cycling is one way to combat the burden of chronic disease that is related to inactivity. By having more infrastructure, more people will feel safer to ride their bikes and this will contribute to improving their health.

  23. Build urban cities by design, including Victoria, that include the bicycle as a transport is key. Working together with the city, urban & city planners to create friendly livable place for all its citizens where cycling to the shops, the café, the market, cinema and to work is the norm and that cycling isn’t just for sport. If we build it, they will come. We are living in a car centric city, it’s time to take the streets back. That includes giving Government St. up to bikes and delivery trucks (mornings). I know local business’s find this thought scary, but people on bikes shop. They make more trips to shops then car drivers because they have less room to carry products. Add more bike racks to the streets, remove cars and build an infrastructure that includes bicycles as a transport will build safer communities and local shops will reap the benefits. There are plenty of studies to support this. Check out Copenhagenize.com. Not long ago the Netherlands was like Victoria, car centric. It was in the 60’s that children were being hit by cars and they revolted in the streets. They had enough political will to make significant changes in city infrastructure and it is on-going today. So when you hear that we (meaning Victoria) can’t be like Amsterdam or Copenhagen you can tell them that it can and has been done. No more excuses. Let’s make Victoria bikeable for everyone!

  24. I wonder what the commercial businesses in Vancouver think of the new bike lanes……as an everyday bike commuter I have to say I don’t like bike lanes, they give a sense of false security which can lead to problems for the more inexperienced or less confident rider. In the last 15 years the only vehicles I have really had any close calls with have been Transit buses. You have to be confident, a good technical rider and always defensive – in the end no matter how “right of way” you may have been the four wheel vehicle will come out the winner. Personally I find one of the biggest hazzards is the riders who insist on pedaling in the dark down the Goose or Lochside with their 1000 lumen lights glaring and blinding approaching riders. This is totally unnecessary – dim the lights or use lower power. I commute all the way up the peninsula and I only need a 200 lumen light, with a dimmer.

    • @Brian omg! Why are some bike and car lights SO BRIGHT? They almost blind me. I can’t help but think they unintentionally will cause accidents. There ought to be a law about how bright a light can be. Don’t get me started on B L I N K I N G lights….

  25. Biking infrastructure is good for real estate values and lifestyles…. My partner and I chose our house because of its proximity to the Locheside trail. I cycle safely to work in downtown Victoria in 20 minutes and I know our house is more valuable and much easier to sell should the need arise.

  26. It just makes sense to have a better cycling plan. More bikes, less cars – better for you, better for the planet, less congestion for those who have to use automobiles.

  27. Great to see something like this, I hope it accomplishes the change it seeks to.
    Victoria is a great city but could be WAY better, especially the cycling infrastructure. I ride with my infant daughter on the ‘designated bike route’ along Vancouver St. and feel like I’m risking both of our lives doing it, yet I don’t want her to be trapped by thinking cars are the only way to get around, lots of change need to happen to support this. Be bold, please.

  28. Now that I am a grandmother I would like to see more bike paths connecting to schools. Cordova Bay is an example, as the bike path ends before it reaches the school. I want to get kids back to biking to school.

  29. I bike all year around and the 40 yrs worth of carbon I saved (and kilos of fat I am NOT packing around) are huge benefits to both our atmosphere and the health care system. So many of my friends would bike a whole lot more if they felt safer on the roads and their workplaces were more bike friendly. These are not insurmountable problems! When Victoria is more bike friendly, we all benefit.

    • Agreed. I would also like to suggest the idea of additional bike lockers for rent across the city. For example, a great location would be at Uptown Centre. This would offer opportunities for those who can’t commute the whole way (ie. coming from North Saanich or Sidney), but would still like to bike for part of the way (ie. into downtown). Ideally, the bike lockers would be coordinated with additional Park and Ride areas to keep cars out of the downtown area. This would offer folks a reasonable cycling alternative to leave their car behind and jump on the bike.

  30. Victoria needs concrete wall divided cycling lanes in its major arteries. The current dangers to riding in our short days are lack of light and tight lanes beside parked cars.

  31. Green ways like it is done in Kelowna would be so wonderful to have in Victoria. Let’s create a safe walking, biking environment for young and old.

  32. Victoria and region have an excellent climate for year round cycling – yet cycling is still seen (and can be) an activity for the brave and daring. What would it take to make cycling the easiest, safest and most sustainable option? Better for our health, better for planet – let’s improve Victoria and region’s cycling infrastructure!

  33. I would like to be able to cycle downtown Victoria to shop but the lack of cycling lanes makes me worry about safety. I also wish that I could cycle to work at Uvic but there isn’t a bike lane after Shelbourne St along Mackenzie Rd.

  34. Biking should be a no-brainer in a city this compact and accessible. But with a lack of seperate bike lanes and bike lanes that end suddenly, the infrastructure is weak enough that I am not comfortable biking with my children down or across town. If you’re not on the Goose, biking feels dangerous enough to discourage. A shame– in a climate like ours, biking and walking are accessible and community-friendly ways to integrate sustainability into our community design: community first, then walking, then biking and public transit, THEN cars. How we plan and design creates the systems we all adhere to.

  35. Victoria is perfect for biking, practically year round. But we are way behind other cities in terms of amenities for biking – bike lanes, floating parking, storage facilities, right of ways over cars in key areas. This is a no brainer, IMO. More bikes. Less cars. Better city.

  36. Between the weather, the terrain and the size, Victoria should be the best biking city in Canada. With the right infrastructure biking could be safe and accessible to soooo many more riders. Cycling is my primary form of transport here in Victoria, and I want more people to join me!

  37. Because Victoria is small enough to bikeable – just not safe enough. Better bike routes means changing the culture of our city to be more in step with the modern world where cycling is a well-integrated aspect of everyday life in a sustainable city. We can’t be sustainable without being SAFELY bikeable.

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